Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cars4firerescue.com donates cars and big rig vehicles for a 3 day vehicle training event in Riverside

Firefighters from all over the Western United States are getting crucial vehicle rescue training at the Ben Clark Fire Training center in Riverside, CA on May 6th-8th. The firefighters are counting on a program called cars4firerescue to assist in bringing in the vehicles needed for training.

Cars4firerescue.com allows the public to sell their vehicles for $150-$250 and have their vehicle donated for firefighters to train at rescue events. The program also donates $50 for every vehicle obtained through the program to help fund more rescue events.

“Without the cars to train with, these firefighters would not have the opportunity to train with today’s rescue equipment. We always need cars,” says Randy Babbitt, Director of the So Cal Auto X Academy.

During the three days of the event, firefighters will be introduced to new vehicle rescue techniques and challenges posed by today’s vehicles. Big Rig vehicles such as city buses, gas tanks, and tractor trailers will be used to simulate realistic vehicle accident scenarios to challenge everyone involved.

The vehicles will be crushed and placed in ways to simulate common and not so common real life incidents. The participants will use heavy lifting equipment to lift and stabilize vehicles. Participants will use hydraulic rescue tools (jaws of life) and electric power tools to cut through the vehicles to gain access to the passenger space and extricate entrapped “victims”.